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All about the Podcast

Do you sometimes wonder: how are platypi still around? Why did we ever leave the ocean? Can bees really smell fear?

If you do, this is the podcast for you.

Here in Biology Fun & Facts, I talk about biology, mostly evolution. And there's a reason for it: "Nothing in biology makes sense except under the light of evolution".  Who said that was Theodosius Dobzhansky, a 20th-century biologist. And he was right! Evolution shaped how things became what they currently are, and is still shaping all living (and some non-living!) things. 


Biology Fun & Facts will help you understand how evolution can help us answer some (if not all) of those questions we have about life, the universe, and everything.

🎧 General Info

Biology Fun & Facts is a show about biology and evolution and how amazing it all is. Each episode I will talk about a structure, organism, or thing that has something marvellous about it. Maybe it's how it evolved, or how it works. Sometimes it will be its ecology or the organism itself. But, mostly it will be about how that evolved. Because with evolution we can understand more and more of the world around us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The Podcast is made by me, Julia. I'm a biologist, and I'm currently doing my PhD in Evolution.

Who makes the Podcast?

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What is the theme
of the show?

The show is about Biology, and mostly about evolution

Who is your
(target) audience?

You, probably. The show is aimed at anyone interested in biology. I try to not use any jargon or terms that need definitions. But when I do and I can't define the term in the same episode

I also have another smaller episode (tagged "shorts") with a definition and explanation on the term. I also have shorts about important and amazing people in biology and other sciences.

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What is
this Podcast for?

This podcast is to both share my love of biology and science and to teach fun and interesting aspects of biology that are often neglected by the standard educational systems.

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Why you are
the one to do it?


Because I love this shit. And I hope that I can show you why these themes are absolutely lovable.

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When did
you start?

The first episode aired in July 2021, there's a huge gap in 2022, but we're back!

🎩 Topics

I cover topics in most of biology. Particularly evolution and reproduction, as those are themes close to my heart. The goal is to share biology in the way it is: unpretentious, funny, weird, and complexly simple. If there are topics you would like me to talk about, check out the podcast blog. Maybe I already talked about it, and if I haven't you can leave a comment so I know what you want to know more about!


Questions to Ask

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1 What is my message
for my audience?

Each episode will have a different take away, but mostly I want to show how fun science is and that everyone and anyone can do science, even if in a smaller scale.

2 What medium am I going to use to communicate my message to my audience?

There's a podcast, and I also add transcripts/articles of each episode as well as references for each episode in the podcast blog!

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4 How long do you want your podcast episodes to be?

The idea is to have longer episodes (30-45min) in which I talk about a theme, structure, or organism, and how it is amazing. There also smaller (5-10min) episodes about concepts and people that are interesting and/or important in biology and/or science.

5 What's the gold for myself

For myself the goal is to share what I love about biology and have some non-academic outlet and "product".

6 What's the gold your podcast

The goal for the podcast is to grow with a community of biology loving people and to spread the word about the amazing world we live in.

3 What's the gold for your community of listeners?

I hope people learn about fun things related to biology, and see how amazing and interesting science (and biology) can be.

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