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Biology Fun & Facts: The Why

Updated: May 13, 2021

So, the thing is... Biology is full of facts, and (most of) these facts are quite fun. As a Biology Teacher I would often say that to my students. I would also make sure they understood that there is nothing "more evolved" than something else. There is more complex, multicellular, harder to explain and define in a sentence. But there's no such thing as "more evolved".

From there we would venture into how things so different as bacteria and humans can co-exist, how ecosystems work, or anything else the -Brazilian equivalent of the- SAT demanded. But the most fun was evolution. Not only because that's what I study and love, but also because with that anyone can ask and answer biological questions. Evolution teaches us about the world that existed and about life's constrains. It teaches about the good, the bad, and the ugly. It makes sure life goes on. And, it is present in everything.

The flies I work with, my dog, my cats, the plants in my garden, you, and me. We are all equally evolved. We all come from lineages that underwent selection and evolution. Even more than that: a lot of what shaped different species is quite similar at its core. As species we all need the same: get energy, mature, reproduce, die.

It may sound bland put this way, but rephrasing can be everything: we are all the same. no matter if we are plants or bacteria we all want to fuck, have fun, eat, and eventually we'll all rest, lying our heads down one last time for one last dreamless sleep. Granted, each of us will decide to put it in a different way. And some of us will have very different priorities from the ones cited. But that doesn't matter for evolution. Mostly because evolution is not a person who cares about stuff 😅. But also because evolution can work in species and groups not in individuals. Because it works through individual lives not within a single lifetime. And that's one of the many reasons why evolution marvels me: it encompasses everything all the time.

And everything all the time is a lot. Therefore the amazing amount of facts in Biology. Biology is full of facts. Lots of them are even more fun when we see them in evolution's light. So, come along with me and the butterflies and bees we can wander through the forest and do so as we please and we can talk about what makes biology amazing and how evolution helped with that.

See you soon!

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