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Evolutionary biologist and nerd

Howdy! I hope you are well and safe. Thanks for stopping by! I'm Julia, currently, I'm a PhD candidate here in Austria. But overall, I'm a biologist and evolution lover. I have a bunch of pets, and I'm super shy and anxious when around people, mainly new people. I stand for the things I believe in, which include but are not limited to: love is love; black lives matter; asian lives matter; trans rights are human rights; no one is illegal; LGBTQIA+ rights; feminism; everyone is entitled to health and education no matter what; legal, safe, and free abortions; science is real; climate change is real and we -humans- are the cause of it; disabilities are a fact, and we need to be more inclusive of that population; everyone deserves compassion and empathy; also: the earth is round/an ellipsoid. I can be wrong, and I often am, but I'm pretty sure about those things.

And you might be thinking: "grl, hold your horses! I'm just here to check out who you are...". And I thank you for that, but you really just learned a lot about who I am at my core, so... =]

So, if you want to know more about my podcast Biology Fun and Facts or my SciComm material, just click here and I'll tell you all about it. If you want to take a look at my CV, just check it out! Or, if you are interested in my not exclusively biology or science-related post, just hop on to the blog!

I hope you could find what you wanted and that I hear/read from you soon! ^^

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